Monday, November 3, 2008

Nursery rhyme lyrics and origins**

While on nursery rhymes, here is another little site which is of some help when you are looking for answers to your child's questions about what a runcible spoon is, and exactly how can the London bridge be made of gold and silver...

While 'Nursery rhymes - lyrics and origins' doesn't have answers for every question you can think of, it does have a lot of information you never thought of asking. Check it out for lost lyrics, history of rhymes and some more trivia!

The url -

P.S. This site has some pop up ads (always so annoying I feel), so be ready for them :)

First MCQ + I heart wavs**

More than a week has gone by without any entries whatsoever; what should be the appropriate emotion for me here?

a. guilt for being so irregular when there are people hanging on to my insignificant words?
(Er, someone other than me reads it? Gosh, I didn't know! Thanks folks - do drop in a line some time to let everyone know I am not delusional.)

b. guilt for lacking the self discipline to post daily?

c. anger at the world in general for conspiring against me - festival season, rush of responsibilities, school holidays ensuring lack of time, flu?

d. relief that at least today I can - and guilt at doing so because it means I am taking time off from other important and urgent stuff?

Have you searched the net for nursery rhymes or songs, especially animated ones? If you have been successful, please do share the sites with us! I haven't yet found any one truly great site, though there are several which are useful. So, today, on a slight tangent, as I am short on time, here is a little site which has quite a few nursery rhymes in downloadable .wav format -

I 'heart' wavs has quite a little collection of songs for little children. It also has birthday, Christmas, halloween, 4th July, new year, Valentine's; songs from cartoon shows, commercials, soap operas, movies; computer events and other sound effects - a nice assortment of music in fact for children interested in setting up their own sound show! A useful site to bookmark :)

The url -

P.S. Today as I attempt to access the site, a warning appears that its security certificate is actually assigned to rather than ilovewavs. I suspect it is only something to do with the name of the site - but could it be something else? Will someone knowledgeable help please?