Saturday, January 10, 2009

Introducing Alternate/Parallel and Peter Rabbit***

There, I have spent far too much time on the ancillary post which was meant to accompany this one, because the subject is just a bit too morbid for this blog - and incidentally, the post too long. So now, I have to cut short this one here, and leave you to read about the NOIDA gang rape at Alternate/Parallel. (I am not even going to mesh it into this as I had planned on doing.)

If you haven't gone and read it, sensible of you. It really is horrible. And if you have, and are now back, let me cheer you up by recommending Swistle's blog as the coolest blog no. 2 - not second place to another, but simply of another type but second in being announced. Hope that is clear. In any case, here is to your good health and cheer Swistle! May you continue to dispense wisdom and humour in equal measure, talking of the routine of a normal life...

EDIT - Gosh, I just realized that the award is supposed to be passed on to ten more blogs....

Do you like Peter rabbit? Beatrix Potter's beautiful creation? The one who nearly got caught in Mr. McGregor's garden? Well, have you met him online lately? Here he is, at his own website, copyrighted by Frederick Warne Co. Ltd. of England. And what a beautiful site it is! Some people have been working hard here! Unfortunately my computer has decided to update itself, and is even now threatening to restart ever five minutes - and because it has been so busy, my photoshop has hung itself thrice in the last hour. Heck, even my task manager got hung up. So, enough. I get the message. It is really too late and I can't possibly showcase the site as I meant to, but I can begin. The layout, as mentioned, is exceptional.

If you choose to play, the book opens,

and it is a pop-up book inside!

With tags to be pulled here and there as well. There are three games, which, if I remember rightly from the last time we played these, were fun, but I am not being given a chance to find out today :( Adios then, gentle reader of Beatrix Potter books. We shall meet again, when I supplement this post with more pictures. In the meantime, remember to explore, and ye shalt find... Ecards and desktop calendars in the section about the author for instance :)

Edit, 12th Jan 09: More about the games as promised. Find Peter involves catching Peter under a flowerpot before Mr. McGregor does. You only get three tries, but if you observe carefully, the pot Peter is under wiggles slightly as he sneezes. Its rather an Eureka moment when a child finds that out 'all by mesself!' Vegetable picking involves clicking on the plants as they pop up and then disappear, but not on the flowers. Fairly easy because each has a fixed place, so once you see which the flowers are, you don't lose points. And the last game, netmaze is the one mine enjoyed the most, despite not being able to read yet. Clicking the wheel will move Peter ahead, but each time you have to answer a question regarding the story correctly else...!

And, oh, do remember that these games will take a long time to load up on slow connections. And as heavy flash usage crashes my laptop, I am having to refrain from looking at the 'make and do' and 'meet the characters'.

The url -

P.S. Be back on monday. Sunday is a day of rest.
Ha, as if!
But still. Monday.


Swistle said...

Thank you, how nice! And I don't dare click that link.

Swati said...

You are welcome! And thank you for your blog :)