Thursday, February 5, 2009

A lousy day and Tao Nyeu stories**

Today is a day I'd rather have crossed the road and whistled to the shop shutters to avoid. Tiny little things pile up, nag innocently. Little jars of paint brought as a reward (not bought - they came with the jam), their promised session still awaiting the completion of a new apron. The apron and sundry other clothes to be repaired overflowing from the stuffy bag I hid them once in. The bag all but hidden in three days worth of partially folded laundry. Piles of ironed clothes awaiting entry into the dhobi book, so they can make space for folding the rest of these... plus more of these endless chores. And then, because I stayed up so late at night, a splitting headache. I wish I could borrow some optimism from this Coffee-stained clarity -

"I’m learning that all you can do with a day so determined to be a failure is to let it. Roll around in its messiness and stupidity like a pile of fall leaves and have a blast scattering them to the wind... Once I get over my unreasonable expectations, such as productivity and basic hygiene, failure days can be kind of fun. And the best news? Hours away is a brand new day that, chances are, has already learned to behave itself."

What a lovely way of looking at a failure day!

Talking of looking, you may have seen Tao Nyeu's book Wonder Bear featured in a few blogs by now. If you don't have it, and are not likely to get it soon either, at least you can look at it online at her site, simply titled tao nyeu. The site is designed to be a portfolio site, but it is amazingly generous in sharing the entire book rather than giving mere glimpses of it. That may change in the future thought, which is why I am featuring this site today instead of a 'gamey' one.

The menu on the left has her stories - Missing Moustache, Balloon Journey, The Street of Crocodiles -

Wonder Bear -

Laundry -

and single illustrations. A site worth going to if only for one's own visual pleasure rather than a child's! I especially liked the cute bunnies getting cleaned in the washing machine. It is the sort of story that children like best - whimsical, just this side of unbelievabale, and allowing and encouraging endless innovations to embellish at bedtime. Do check it out!

The url -

P.S. This has to be one of the lowest of lows - I have no post script to add today! So, here is a real pj that I got smsed recently, for those who can understand: What is the opposite of achaar? You know, the spicy pickle stuff we love to eat aloo parathas with? Yes, yes, the very same, now come on! - - - - - -

Ok, since you give up, it is onions. The reasoning will be in hidden in a comment so you have to make some effort to read it :)


Swati said...

Here goes then -

Achaar = pickle = P-'kal'

'Kal' ka ulta 'aaj', so P-aaj = Onion!

Told you it was a pj. Groan as much as you like; be my guest!

Nino's Mum said...

*ROFL and then picking up her heavy work diary to chuck at a ducking Swati* aiyyo, the joke was a killer!
Wish I could send you flowers to perk you up a bit... warm, bright yellows in a big, monster bunch.

Barb Hartsook said...

I loved the "adult small talk" of this post. Your first two sentences hooked me for the entire read, and the quote from Coffee-stained Clarity had me laughing. (I clicked on her site, but found only the one post... too bad. She's very funny.)

I have to agree -- if it's going to fail, let it. Begin again. Kids do that... Besides, the laundry piles aren't going anywhere. They'll wait. Repairs??? What part of that word is a verb? People do that for a living, and that's who we send the stuff to. (Yes, I sew. But I don't repair... ) hahaha

Swati said...

Nino's mum, I will duly convey your appreciation to the person who sent it to me, along with the heavy diary :)

Barb, thanks for visiting. Coffee stained clarity can be found at