Sunday, March 15, 2009

As if the heart needs a reason. String spin***

Today I am going to believe in the power of internet, in six degrees of separation and in the principle of attraction. Will it work? I don't know. The sceptical mind says no, of course not, but I hope, and cross my fingers.

In trying to find the Carl Sandburg quote in the last post, I found a poem which must be the earliest free verse I liked. It came from a now defunct newspaper called Junior Statesman but I don't know when this had appeared - the original cutting, if I had that has long since disappeared, but I had copied it in my notebooks. For years I have wanted to know more about the poet, about the paper, and whether it was possible to access their archives at all. And it just occurred to me that I can, of course, google. But all the same, I want to share it with you, in the hope that something else entirely wonderful may wash up on my shores...

And of course it is a lovely poem. Haven't you felt this way sometime?

As if a heart needed reason

There is a time
When the heart
Seems to sing without reason
(As if a heart needed reason to sing.)

Just because
The tide is coming in,
Or because
Little pebbles
Whisper to each other
When the salt of the sea
Washes them clean...

It is morning
Or evening
Or night;
Or a flight of green parakeets
Decorates the festive air,
Backed by a round ball
Of fire.

There is
A rare moment of fulfilment
Against a bottomless ocean
Of desire.

---Anita Mudgal

And, to keep it short and sweet, just a little tidbit, (with hopes of featuring the entire site later, someday). String spin is a 'toy' produced by Its a site I am still exploring and will feature shortly, so more about it later. For now -

Just scribble something - anything, and watch the widget rotate it like a potter's wheel,

making shapes you hadn't dreamt of...

The url -

P.S. In case you have had the misfortune of already having seen this post, and wondering about why I would have Scribbler as the post topic, and as links, and then post pics of string spin, a thousand apologies! For once I picked up images and links I had stored instead of opening a site afresh and then carrying on, and of course I had to make such a big jumble of it. I have corrected all of it now, and here is the advanced version of it too, in which you can control the colours and the spin variables!

Have fun, till next time!

P.P.S. While talking of lost magazines and papers, wouldn't I love to get my hands on an editorial by Dharamveer Bharati from the hindi magazine Dharmayug, which began (I don't recall the true words now but this is close enough) - Diya kya hai? Ek mutthi bhar dhool! Thode paani se mil kar, thodi aag se guzar kar ghor andhakar to lalkarta hai...

(What is a diya after all? Just a handful of dirt! Mixed with a bit of water, put through a bit of fire, and it is ready to take on deep darkness...)


Nino's Mum said...

:) beautiful poem.
and I totally belive that when you've searched for something long, or kept it in your thoughts of and on, it makes its way to you. people, internet, the radio, fate: these are just the means.
Hope you find the editorial too.

wordjunkie said...

Hi, came by from Nino's Mom's blog. That's a lovely poem, and I've really enjoyed all the posts here. Thank you for putting together all these wonderful websites and links for lazy moms like me!

Will be dropping by more often now.

Swati said...

I sure hope so Nino's mum!

And wordjunkie, welcome! I notice that you have Maukie on your blog, who has been on mine too, as a post of course. Isn't he/she cute?

Barb Hartsook said...

Hahaha -- had a ball scribbling and stringing! Used just letters of my name -- 2-3 at a time -- ans watched abstract still lifes appear. I'll keep this in my playbox. Thanks!

Also loved the poetry... and the side trip to Parallel Alternatives.
Both of them. :)

Rhymes and More.. said...

hi swati - thanks for stopping by my site and thanks for u comments too. I just started my blog recently so any suggestions/comments are most welcome.

btw do you feature blogs as well on your site?

Rhymes and More.. said...

ur blog is a treasure trove...i found some really interesting site here...i will be using them with my lil one:) continue the good work!

Swati said...

Barb, great to see you here :)

R&m, glad you liked these. With my child growing up, and our webtime decreasing, I want so much to share this - er, collection of mine :) And I am not that, ahem, old either! I don't have blogs featured as such but I of course talk about something which has been a starting point for a thought, an idea, something cool - at random.

don said...

Hi Swati
Thanks for dropping by. Sorry about my over active spam filter. The poem speaks to my "Why I'm an appreciator" post. Again thanks, and the string thing will keep me going for hours. Not so sure if I should thank you for that.

Swati said...

Don, thank you for coming over. Don't worry about the spam filter - it is something with typepad and wordpress both. Initially I had no problem, but lately my hotmail address gets blocked, I think. Still trying to figure it out :)

As to the string thing, well there are more in the next post, hee hee.

Rhymes and More.. said...

I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog, Rhymes and More for details