Saturday, August 30, 2008

A gardening quote, and Peep*****

"Because at the end of the day or a lifetime, a person should be able to stand up and regret only the things they did, not the things they did not. The one hope is that in living like this, you have nothing at all to regret when everything is said and done."

Think about it; more in the PS section :)

Peep and the Big Wide World. Imagine being brand new to the world, just hatched from an intrepid egg. Curious, unafraid, making friends with the world. That is Peep. Then there is Quack, the eccentric purple duck who insists he is blue, and beautiful, and the best singer ever. Also selfish and greedy but ultimately, a friend. And Chirp, the bright and intelligent and somewhat cynical baby robin trying alwa
ys to soar. Peep's philosophy is, "Its a brand new day!" in tones of wonder and awe and great expectation. No, he never says it, but that is it. So how can it not be fun for children to watch Peep? Yes, it is a tv series, and yes, there are DVDs/CDs available, but for those of us without these, what a site!

They aren't stingy at all about sharing their videos, one each day. Not all, but enough. Over a couple of months you have seen them all and then they repeat. Although I did wish that they would have a ready supply online for repeat viewing because that is what little kids want to do, over time I have become accustomed to the format. Slightly older children - 4 yrs or so, will not have any trouble with wanting to see Peep again, now, all the time! Each one has a different scientific theme but wow, what a presentation! Even you get caught up in the story and don't realize that there is something being 'taught'. A perfect tool for teaching the rudiments of science to preschoolers, and for encouraging observation and assimilation. There are suggested outdoor activities and related books to help you teach :)

Check it out -

There are also games - just ten, but enough to keep kids busy a long time. All teach some skill or the other, and are self-leveling. If players answer a round without error, they are offered a harder level in the next round. If they do make an error on the way to success, they remain at the same difficulty level for the next round.

The characters were first created by Kai Pindal for the National Film Board of Canada Productions shows - The Peep show, 1962 and Peep and the big wide world, 1988. Currently the series is being produced by the WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston.

P.S. Now this (This garden is illegal) is an awesome blog. I am no gardener, but I just love going through this blog for the systematic way everything is documented, and oh, it just gets the feel of that wet earth in your fingernails across. Currently there is a tomato round up happening, which is very very interesting, to me, the total non gardener. But then again, I am always hungry for information, knowledge, input - does that ring a bell with anyone? A little robot bell, a movie bell? Back from digressing however, in the middle of the tomato round up, here is Hanna's entry on her husband joining up the National Guard. And this is where I picked up the quote above. Isn't is something special to find, amidst 'routine' life and 'normal' people, words that should be spelt WORDS? To see someone abreast with a truth, maybe a little truth, or a humongous one, but the sort of truth that life is built on? Thanks Hanna.

P.P.S. You can download one copy of the material on the Peep site for your own personal use on one computer - so you can actually keep all the videos handy for repeat viewing. Just a tip :)

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