Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Myalgia, and Mauki*** (untested actually, but can predict its likeability)

Sorry, no chitter chatter today - yet. Do I detect some signs of exuberant joy there? Have been surfing a lot today, hence a pain in the neck, so have to get up and smell some smog by extending my neck and sniffing the sky. Posting first, and will edit later if I have time :)

While we are still talking of little babies, here is a site that I discovered just today. Just a cute little kitty Mauki sitting and watching where your mouse is going. By itself, the concept is nothing new, and is likely part of many games which I don't remember because they are just one of many on a site. But babies like cats and kittens, and there is not much they can damage they can do here if you let them have the mouse for once, especially if you make the browser full screen. On the other hand, they will learn how moving the mouse makes something happen on the screen.

The site that is hosting this flash animation isn't sure where it originally comes from, but if you follow the links from them (, you can download it to sit on your desktop :)

P.S. If you have been looking at the screen for far too long, do yourself a favour and look just a bit more to read up about eye strain caused by computers at

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