Sunday, August 31, 2008

Memory loss and Fun baby games***

Here is the story for the double post yesterday. Late last night, when sleep was actually knocking me on the head with a hammer, and I was getting nauseous just from that headache, I completely forgot that I had posted once already yesterday. So I struggled to start late night, and by the time I finished, it was already past midnight, and it felt like defeat. Sometime today it dawned upon me that I need not worry - the new post could be counted upon as today's and I didn't have to write anything, hurrah! But darn, blogger it seems dates the entry by when I start writing, and it is still in yesterday's quota. So, we are back to square one, and it is close to midnight today as well. Never mind, sundays are holidays from now onwards. Posting optional :)

Why is it that blogger/blogspot doesn't have any smileys whatsoever? Interesting, eh?

Today's site is Fun Baby Games Online, run by Rina Ward, who also owns and runs, and The former sells maternity and early childhood related items, and the latter Japanese giant hornet juice to increase athletic stamina. The lady herself was part of her national triathlon team back in the 90s, and is still interested in scuba diving and the like. Not quite an average mama, eh? The site has been set up in 2005, but doesn't seem to have been updated since.

In appearance, the site is simple, and average. The reason it is still on three stars is the fact that its few games are for toddlers who sit in your lap and bang away on the space bar. Its been difficult to find games like these, compared to games for older children. Pressing the space bar will show your baby the alphabet, or numbers, or other baby faces, or some fishes, or smiley faces or animals. The games are simple but pretty quick in downloading, which is such a bonus for low speed connections.

In addition, for the new moms, there are also useful links about finger rhymes and other nursery rhymes, play doh, face paint and other such recipes, puppets, sign language, flash cards, and exercises for baby and mummy both.

The url for the home page - Follow the links on the left side, and from the online baby games page, get two more by clicking on games for toddlers right near the bottom of the page. Explore the other links as you please :)

P.S. I love post scripts, and usually save some tasty little tidbit for the last, like dessert. Something that deserves a little focus on itself. So I hope that those who are featured here do not get miffed by being in the footnote, so to say. But today, as the main course in itself was so bland, haven't anything good to offer here either :(

P.P.S. My net is acting up, and it seems like this entry will have to wait a lot to get posted. Or maybe not. Keep hoping!

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