Friday, September 5, 2008

Sleepy spectratone***

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Still recuperating, and although wrist is nearly ok, have another battle raging on the sleep front. So, will catch up later, and post double. Promise :)

Today's little leaf is just this one spectratone. Move your mouse and see the music light up under it. Fun for little kids just handling the mouse randomly, and for a lot older ones who might be piqued enough to explore more of music, or its relation with light... An animation by the San Francisco animation group (SFPG).

Their URL -

Tracking links you can also reach their page about history - useful resource for homework for middle schoolers. But that is incidental.

P.S. Have you seen any of Matt's dance videos yet?

His 'journal' is of course titled "Where the hell is Matt?"

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