Monday, October 20, 2008

Sharad madness and MAD paintball***

This month Delhi has been waking up to cool Sharad mornings, sleeping to increasingly smoggy moonlit nights. Day by day the dark hours lengthen, overlapping the boundaries of our wakeful time. Rains have stopped; the clouds are white, fleecy, and beautiful. Its the month of festivals, tempered this year by the sadness, and perhaps more pertinently, the prudence brought on by the recent blasts. It is also the time when a section of Delhi populace begins to wring hands, wallets, answers from strangers and their children, confessions from school doormen... The time for nursery admissions. Parents of mercifully unaware three year olds are losing nights, and days, searching for schools; getting forms; getting drafts, photos, photocopies (attested!); filling and delivering forms; accosting neighbourhood kids about details of their schools; haunting schools claimed to be the best and those which are not so choosy; networking, questioning, wondering, worrying.... For there is no easy solution to this now or never situation. A panic prevails, perhaps half imagined, half real. Parents scramble to place forms in as many schools as possible on the premise that something is better than nothing - for you can not choose a school for your child any more...

Most annoyingly, my laptop is in secret sympathy with the much rushed parents, and to protest their lamentable condition, has decided to stop allowing me to take screenshots. As I don't like to endlessly grab and pull many photos down the length of a post - although I have done it many a time, I am going to stick to a simple game for today. Hopefully I will be able to post a picture soon!

So, here is M.A.D. paintball, the funny paint game from the funny guys over at Music/Art/Dance show on Pogo tv. Its a simple game, but loads of fun, as anything involving splattering colour all over has to be! Aim and shoot at mischievous art supplies by moving the mouse and clicking. If you don't get them, they will get you and the screen gets more and more full of splotches of colour all over, so you have to get it washed from time to time. With appropriate commentary, even toddlers who can't handle a mouse will enjoy watching it. Have fun!

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P.S. For more about Sharad ritu, a term which describes our Indian postmonsoon season much much better than the western 'autumn', check out Srinivasa Rao's blog at

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