Thursday, October 9, 2008

(Rage) and Quiet - Orisinal***

Orisinal: morning sunshine. The land of pastel colours, of restful beauty, of gentle tinkling music, and - fast moving eyes and fingers! The personal playground of Ferry Halim, as the artist himself puts it, is an oasis of pretty little games which will appeal to your aesthetics as well as provide you with some finger fun. You? Yes, you, for unfortunately, the colour scheme, no matter how pleasing to adult eyes, just doesn't hold interest for the very young. The games have cute themes and characters, but by and large are too fast for little fingers, so that doesn't help either. The game premise is usually very simple, as in the teatime game below where the mice have to be moved out of harm's way by simply clicking above or below them, but the pace is relatively fast for tiny tots, and they get discouraged after a while.

The main page is a flash animated page but it doesn't take long to load at all. Hovering over a little thumbnail will light it up with brighter colours, and its name will appear below.

There are games which are easy to play of course, and even toddlers may enjoy watching them as you play and provide commentary, but you have to play all forty six of them first to be able to figure out which these are! Whether that is a bonus or extra work is your take! Starry night, for example, requires simple mouse movement to bounce the yellow star in such a way as to light up the other stars.

The site does have ads, but they are unobtrusive, at the bottom of the page, so the experience is not spoiled. The music, as I said, is wonderfully peaceful.

Here is a snapshot from the bungee bear game. Catch a rabbit from behind by jumping (using the left click) and you get points. Bang into it from front, and no good results. Trouble is, mouse movement, even a little bit, will often reverse your direction, so if you thought this was a simple game, just try it!

Below the games, in the miscellaneous section, you will find buttons for the store, flowers, rain, guest book, link back, wallpapers and trailer. Of these, flowers is a sort of ecard - there are a few pale (really pale!) pink flowers to be picked from the garden, resized and rotated and stuck in a crystal orb, so you can send them to - me :) Or anyone, of course. But the best is the rain button. Click to get a visual of a garden, or presumably a garden for only a tiny corner of the screen is really visible clearly - and rain falling unending. The music is not quite just rain sounds, but it comes close. Try it for a tranquil Zen experience!

And now for the disclaimer! Not all the games are as little-girl-in-sunshine as I have suggested. There are a couple of bam-bam games as well - but thats your choice. Even those are cute though!

The url -

P.S. This is actually the second half of the original post, focusing on the 'quiet'. The first half, on 'rage' will follow. Soon.

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