Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poisson rouge***** revisited

Looking at the earliest entries of this blog, I was surprised at how little I said about the sites, or even otherwise. [Good thing, do I hear you say?] But no, I really ought to do something about the sites: more screenshots, more info about games, a bit more exposure, for I started with our favourites, and I would not have them languishing while lesser sites flourish!

So, delving into Poisson Rouge again today. I guess the site is so familiar to me that talking about it had seemed superfluous, like bragging even, but to someone new, a synopsis is really not suficient. The main page, designed like a nursery, has toys and other icons like windows or a telescope, which are clickable and lead to further environments. In each section, explore fully - almost everything leads to a game, and some are hidden just a bit to make the exploration interesting but not frustrating. The games load very quickly, are excellent in concept and design, and have interesting sound effects. Here are some random screenshots, for really there is no way to select just a few to showcase!

A simple game in the 'bugs' category - leaf colour changes by rolling over them with a coloured butterfly -

From the toy chest, a shapes game. Clicking on the shapes below will lead to its corresponding three dimensional figure to spin. One very cute feature of the toy chest is the appearance of bubbles each time you start a new game or go back to the main page. They pop with the most satisfying sounds by moving the mouse over them :)

Another simple game illustrating camouflage from the same - click anywhere and the tiger moves, vanishing in the striped pattern. Click again, and it reappears.

A favourite from the number blocks - who can resist breaking glass bottles with that wonderful scrunching sound, and no scoldings?

The aquarium, which you navigate by clicking and dragging the submarine around. Let it go anywhere you wish and click on one of the numerous creatures to see what happens. In this shot, both the shark and the squid have been clicked.

One of the favourite games from the aquarium - the fish shrinks each time it touches a jellyfish, till it disappears and a new one appears, so you have to navigate it through by moving the mouse. For some reason, my little one likes the shrinking, so we end up playing the game the other way round!

Check the original post about Poisson Rouge for more details, and have fun!

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